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Solar System Orrery by Alex Rodgers using HTML5 canvas.

Orrery may take a minute to load (approx 6 MB).

Welcome to my orrery simulation. The controls are listed below, you can change orbit / simulation modes, draw modes, zoom levels and even add planets. You can also pause and zoom in to see planets close up.
If planets seem too distant in simulation mode, press A to toggle auto-scaling and adjust zoom manually.
Play around and have fun!

*Google Chrome Browser Recommended. Browser permissions must have scripts enabled to run.

Orrery Controls:

Control Key Description
Full Window Mode
Toggles between Normal 1024x768 and Full Window display (recommended).
Draw Mode
Toggle between Arc, Line segment, Sprite and Sprite Sheet draw modes.
Sprite mode features high resolution planet images, pause and zoom in to take a look!
Orbit Mode
Toggle between Circular, Elliptical ,Simulation and Solar Simulation orbit modes.
Simulation uses a gravity algorithm with a static Sun position.
Solar Simulation has a dynamic Sun which is impacted gravitationally by the other planets,
it follows the solar systems overall course of movement whilst maintaing orbits.
Zoom Out
Reduces scale of objects to observe more of the orrery.
*Autoscaling must be disabled first in Simulation Modes*
Zoom In
Increases scale of objects to observe more detail.
*Autoscaling must be disabled first in Simulation Modes*
Create Planet
Hold left-click
drag and release on Canvas.
Hold the left mouse button where you want to create a new planet,
the longer you hold it the larger the mass and radius.
Drag in a direction, velocity is determined by length of drag.
Starting velocity effects only Simulation modes.
Have fun creating some enormous planets.
Toggle Auto-scaling
*Simulation Modes Only* Toggles whether the zoom level auto-adjusts to keep everything on screen.
← ↑ → ↓
Scroll around the orrery system using the cursor keys.
Speed Up
*Circular and Elliptical Modes* Increases the animation of the objects.
Slow Down
*Circular and Elliptical Modes* Decreases the animation of the objects.
Pauses animation of objects. You can still zoom and scroll.
Toggle Background
Toggles between star field and black background.
Toggle Fractal Sun
*Arc and Line draw modes only* Toggles between Koch Snowflake Fractal and normal Sun.
Fractal Depth
*Arc and Line draw modes only* Cycles through the number of Fractal iterations upto a max of 5.
Adjust Tail Length
*Simulation Modes Only* Keep depressed to adjust the tail length of the planets.

Different Orbit Modes - Circular and Elliptical.
Different simulation Modes - Static sun and dynamic sun.

Disclaimer: Music is owned by and copyright to Bioware.